4th 808 BOX - SHIPPING

First of all, thanks for support this project again, after four years and 35 records released in four 808 Boxes we have only one word: THANKS!

Thanks also to the artists for sending hundreds of tracks every year, this project is possible only because of you.

We have the feeling that Time Capsule project aka 808 Box is growing in the way we planned years ago, when we started to dream about the 808 Box. We wanted all these boxes in the right hands, in the right homes, and after reading the hundreds of emails and Facebook messages you sent us we can say that all boxes are in the right hands and this makes us really happy.

But we have opened this page for a reason:

Most of you already know the problem we have every year since we started with the 808 Box project, so this information is for the newcomers.

We have ALWAYS a delay in the shipping of the 808 Box, every year, and this is VERY frustrating because we can't do anything to avoid this problem.

We always try to have the 808 Box ready for shipping in January, some years due to some delay in the delivery of the tracks we delay the mastering and the cutting of the records but in general we always send the masters to the pressing plant in October. There is no way to have the records before first days of February.

There is a big problem in the record manufacturing business, only a few pressing machines for a extreme demand, more and more every year. For example, the record with loops of Egyptian Lover was delivery almost a month after the rest of the records, we thought we will have all records at the same time, so this year only that little detail was like a bomb because this delay destroyed literally our plans for shipping your orders.

Now, finally, we are starting shipping all 808 Boxes and this process is slow. You have to understand that the 808 Box is not a 12" in a black inner disco sleeve that you can ship in a cheap envelope. We have many details into the 808 Box and we need to do it PERFECT. Besides we had also a big delay from the manufacture plant in the previous releases like Cygnus and Patronen, so we crossed three releases in a short period of time and most of you ordered the three releases, Cygnus, Patronen and the 808 Box... and some even more of the records we released in last year, like the Twin Paradox, DMX Krew homage, etc.

We have orders with five or six records and the 808 Box... so we have to be careful because if we forgot to include some of these records would be really frustrating for some of you, after all this waiting.

Fundamental Records is a little label, it is a family project, only two persons working, Anais and I, and we are working every day, even weekends, free days and many nights, but even that is not enough to have everything ready in time.

We ask you only one thing, be patience, we know you are, but please think about this, you are one of few persons who will receive the 808 Box and other extremely hard to find records in the next days, you will have it... we know you want it now, but please trust on us, we really work every minute to do it as fast as we can, so please, again, be patience, trust on us, we are working every day to have your orders ready as soon as possible. You will have all these records in your hands very soon... good things come to those who wait.

Apologies for the delay and thanks for your understanding.

You can write here in case you need to know more about your order:


Best Regards

Anais & Alek